SaaS solution offered by uniscon for secure collaboration and data exchange

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Tech Week

Date & Time:
13.11.2019 bis 14.11.2019
9:00 –17:00 Uhr

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Jörg Horn

Frankfurt, Messegelände
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt

The digital Transformation Event

Technology: a journey, not a destination.

From new innovations or digital security, to big ideas and big data – todays possibilities are huge. As a player within the IT world, at Tech Week you will Benefit from six unique, strategically connected events. Every event is pursuing the same goal: to make organizations IT structures and strategies more efficient, faster and safer. You can expect an impressive collection of conference sessions, panel discussions  and workshops as well as a comprehensive exhibition including all emerging technologies critical to your company’s digital future.


Visit us at our booth #930 together with TÜV SÜD and TÜV Hessen and learn more about our comprehensive range of services in the field of cyber & IT security as well as data protection.

Our speech at Tech Week

Title: Ultra secure cloud as enabler for digital transformation

Speaker: Jörg Horn – Global Head of Business Development at Uniscon (TÜV SÜD)

Time & Location: 14th of November // 11:10 to 11:40 // Cloud Strategies and Innovation Theatre

Description: The combination of cloud technology and digital security hold the key to making digital transformation a reality within every company. Digital transformation is not just about smarter use of technology, but also about the smarter use of data, which can have a huge value to business. Jörg Horn shares how the ultra-secure Sealed Platform, from the TÜV SÜD company Uniscon, provides the basis for seeking to embark on a company’s digital transformation, and how it’s unique Zero Privileged Access Architecture securely guards against unauthorized access of data and applications in the cloud. Moreover, it will help to develop new business models (e.g. IoT, smart-health, FinTech).

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Uniscon presents: Ultra Secure Sealed Platform

Companies, which want to have data protection and IT security both, quick and easy, now have a tool available, which meets those two requirements. The Sealed Platform is based on Uniscons patented Sealed Cloud Technology and is suitable for operating systems and applications of all kinds – without having to be specially adapted beforehand! Applications running on Sealed Platform are so secure that even priviledged data center or application level access is technically excluded by the admin.

Uniscons Sealed Platform for smarter and more efficient business.

  • It is build for all your applications. Uniscons Sealed Cloud gives you more ways to migrate, modernize and build innovative cloud apps and easily connect them all.
  • It maximizes your ability to unlock the value of your data and accelerate your business.
  • Secure to the core. Uniscons Sealed Cloud helps you to move to the cloud with confidence, backed by a trusted cloud platform with continuous security for applications and ultra secure protection of data.

Further information on the Sealed Platform can be found here or in our sealed platform brochure.