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Secure & Flexible Networks in Data Centers

Fiber-optic Cables

Development of a new optic-technology based architecture, to link data centers


06/2016 – 05/2019

Grand total

Project: SENDATE Secure-DCI

When it comes to communication and cloud based Internet applications, large data centers (i.e. servers) constitute the main control rooms. Data centers are not only where data is processed and analyzed, but also from where business and personal data is forwartded to third parties. Despite the data centers‘ high memory capacity, future communication applications, such as those for driverless cars or telemedicine, will require much higher memory volumes. Since servers are usually also far away, a lack of flexibility and security, on the one hand, and possible user-side delays in communication, on the other, also give cause for serious concern. These could prove fatal, if communication between vehicles failed.

To prevent such scenarios from occurring in the first place, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research created SENDATE. Uniscon is also researching and developing, with partners from four other European countries and in five projects, technologies that link many small data centers, to create a flexible, high-performance unit. The project will end May 2019.


SENDATE Secure-DCI project participants are researching how extended use of fiber-optic technologies can multiply datasets within and between servers tenfold and yet spend much less energy. Electric routing steps would be superfluous, since a new optical switch would interlink the servers in the various data centers directly. In addition, a new data linking architecture is to enable speedy, flexible and application focused data processing. A further objective is to best possibly align computing, storage and network resources via software based network solutions.

SENDATE Secure-DCI also scrutinizes how to protect data against third-party access during optical transmission. One solution is to break down information across various paths, that only falls into place and makes sense upon decryption on user-side. In contrast to today’s common encryption methods, SENDATE Secure-DCI intends to safeguard data against future quantum computers, as well.

New Opportunities

The innovative architecture, that connects and interlinks separate data centers in an instant and flexibly to a single unit, provides a basis for new cloud services and Industry 4.0 applications. It allows application scenarios with user-close data processing, which, in turn, reduces delays to a minimum while simultaneously ensuring high availability. One case in which it is used is telemedicine, which is also based on cloud computing. Telemedicine enables multiple teams of doctors to operate on one patient from various locations. In order to ensure security from the outset of interconnection, i.e. during bit transfer (the so-called physical layer),  SECURE-DCI investigates communication security on said physical level.



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