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What’s behind Telekom’s Sealed Cloud?

Munich, March 23, 2017 – Uniscon’s technology in a Telekom data center? You bet. Deutsche Telekom has expanded its Managed Security Services to now include “Versiegelte Cloud”, i.e. a sealed cloud. Uniscon, a German high-tech firm with a staff of approximately 40 employees, is the provider of the internationally patented data center technology that allows even parties obliged to professional and special-official secrecy to use Telekom’s high-security data centers. Uniscon GmbH CEO Martin Kinne looks forward to “a lively exchange of knowledge with Telekom’s highly specialized experts, which promises a significant increase in IT and data security in cloud computing”.

Deutsche Telekom’s new business unit Telekom Security intends to become a European leader in Managed Security Services. “Providing solutions such as ‘Versiegelte Cloud’ strengthens our position in this field,” states Head of Telekom Security Dirk Backofen. “In doing so, we wish to provide customer solutions that ensure maximum IT security and data privacy.” Versiegelte Cloud combines convenience and maximum security alike. What’s more, it is even suitable for parties obliged to professional and special-official secrecy, such as doctors, lawyers, and public authorities.

Background: Unique Sealed Cloud technology ensures, via purely technical means, that no unauthorized third party, not even service provider staff, can access data at any time whatsoever. Said means include special key management, instant data clean-up upon attempted access, and decorrelation of data streams that are transferred into and out of the sealed cloud. Hence, the technology solves an urgent, burning security issue that is all too common in cloud environments: Insider access. “Technical measures prevent service provider staff and data center parties from being able to access data even during processing in the servers”, says Kinne. The experienced CEO is excited about the strategic partnership with Telekom. “With our common technical expertise,” adds Kinne, “cloud computing security takes on a whole new dimension.”


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About Uniscon GmbH

Uniscon provides technical solutions and cloud services that ensure secure and confidential use of the Web. Its privacy service iDGARD is based on Sealed Cloud technology, that is already patented internationally in all major countries worldwide. Sealed Cloud maximum security protects data to a degree, that not even service provider staff can access client data at any time whatsoever. iDGARD is the only service to date, to protect both content and metadata alike. All access is controlled exclusively by the user. For more, see www.uniscon.de and www.idgard.de.

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