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Safe Health Care Communication

Due to the high confidentiality of health care data and respective networking interdictions, exchanging it can be complicated and lead to delays. The ISDSG (Institute for Health Care Security and Data Privacy) has therefore entered an exclusive health care partnership with the web privacy service IDGARD.

The sound patient-centered care in Germany may be ascribed to the above-average array of medical specialists, hospitals, clinics, and general practitioners. However, in order to be optimally informed about the current therapy and case history of a patient, it is also imperative, besides the actual treatment, to meet legal requirements when exchanging highly confidential, protection deserving data, i.e. pursuant to the German BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) and §203 StGB (law regarding obligation to professional secrecy as per German Penal Code). Yet business files and communication with legal advisors also require maximum security and commitment. Today, said data is often exchanged by regular mail, fax, or even e-mail. However, it is precisely this type of online communication that bears great security risks and jeopardizes the patient considerably. „We would like our patients and partners to be able to exchange data and files safely. This has to be easy and convenient, in particular. After all, the professional’s time, which is already limited, should be inured to the benefit of the patient  and not time-consuming familiarization with new, complex systems.“,  declares Prof. Dr. Jäschke, Head of the ISDSG.

IDGARD’s features range from spy-proof chatting and e-mail, to secure data rooms, in which files of all types can be exchanged or made available for viewing only. IDGARD’s Sealed Cloud protects all existing data, irrespective of its provenience (i.e. against external hackers and internal data center operators alike).

The ISDSG appreciates IDGARD for its encryption, security and, especially, convenience in health care communication, which also makes it possible to exchange data internally and externally with other care providers and dialogue partners.

As exclusive health care cooperation partner, the ISDSG offers its customers and partners a free trial of the privacy service IDGARD. See: isdsg.de/institut/idgard.

ISDSG – Institut für Sicherheit und Datenschutz im Gesundheitswesen

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About Uniscon GmbH
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Uniscon develops technical solutions for secure and convenient online business communication. The service IDGARD for Businesses is based on worldwide patented Sealed Cloud technology. Data is stored in a cloud in a manner that not even the service provider can access client data. Hence, business data remains exclusively in the possession of its owner. Sealed Cloud technology is improved continuously by a Uniscon led consortium within the framework of Trusted Cloud, an initiative funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and enjoying development for application in other fields of German industry. For further details, see www.uniscon.de, www.sealedcloud.de and www.idgard.de.


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