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Benchmark Study: Uniscon Cloud Security Leader in Encryption

Munich, June 5, 2014. In its latest survey Cloud Vendor Benchmark, the globally active IT research and consulting firm Experton Group (1) tested approximately 400 German cloud software, infrastructure, services and security providers (2). Uniscon was declared Cloud Securtiy Leader in Encryption. The Cloud Vendor Benchmark began January 2014. The Experton Group analyzed and evaluated the German and Swiss cloud markets (the latter for the first time) in various categories. The study consists of 15 market categories and delivers much insight into future cloud computing trends in Germany and Switzerland.

The high-profile benchmark’s independence and continuity has once again attracted worldwide attention among media and IT decision makers (3). After all, the study provides CIOs and IT experts concrete knowledge and a better understanding of future market developments, facilitating businesses‘ evaluation and, consequently, selection of adequate cloud providers. The named project’s research phase consisted not only of a standardized provider survey but also of product tests, demos, discussions and interviews with experts, as well as reviews of existing documentation and customer references. The respective providers‘ offers were analyzed in detail and compared segment per segment.

The Experton Group analysts issued the following statement regarding cloud encryption: „The leading solutions of Box (box.net), Uniscon (IDGARD), HP (HP Cloud Object Storage), SSP Europe (Secure Data Space), La Cie (Wuala), Secardeo (certDrive App) and Hitachi HDS (Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere) all provide cloud encryption features, for all foster cloud storage and cloud collaboration. However, aforementioned leading solutions manifest differences as far as implementation, integrability, and available business support are concerned.“


The complete „Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2014“, which includes the results of all 15 constituting categories, is on sale now and obtainable through the Experton Group.

IDGARD is a solution that meets both employees‘ demands for convenience and businesses‘ demands for security (4). By protecting modern-day communication tools, IDGARD increases productivity. The service allows employees to exchange sealed files and news online with customers, partners and suppliers alike, whether via smartphone, tablet or notebook, without compromising business security. With its app IDGARD, Uniscon ensures, among others, that confidential computer, tablet or smartphone data is not inadvertently synchronized with less safe services, such as those of Google, Apple or Microsoft.

IDGARD is based on Sealed Cloud technology (5). All data within the Sealed Cloud is stored in data centers based in Germany. Moreover, owing to IDGARD’S globally patented sealing technology, data is even protected against unauthorized access during processing. The majority of German data center servers process data in unencrypted form, making it vulnerable. Sealed Cloud averts this danger. Normally, data center providers, single staff members, and external hackers can potentially access data. That is why Munich based Uniscon’s (6) Sealed Cloud technology excludes this security risk technically, so that no useful data whatsoever remains accessible to internal spies or external hackers. In fact, with Sealed Cloud, not even Uniscon, the service provider, disposes of a key with which to decrypt cloud information. Cloud data is accessible to the user only. Hence, said user has full control over his or her own data.

IDGARD also ensures the protection of so-called metadata, i.e. connection data. Metadata reveals, among others, who communicates online with whom, when, how often and how long, thus potentially disclosing much about a company’s strategy, precarious business information, and relationships. Sealed Cloud even excludes provider access to metadata.

What’s more, Sealed Cloud warrants that all user data remains within the Sealed Cloud. The same applies to confidential files that are often inadvertently loaded, via smartphone or tablet, onto unsafe servers in the background, such as iCloud.  In contrast, Sealed Cloud prevents the transfer of data to iCloud and other US services.

The Germany Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy declared Sealed Cloud the winner of its „Trusted Cloud“ competition against 115 participants. The technology thus enjoys the Ministry’s support in research and development for German industry.

By virtue of unique security, IDGARD ensures spy-proof communication. With IDGARD, businesses can exchange files safely even via private computer, notebook, smartphone or tablet without added software, communicate news and chat confidentially.

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Uniscon develops technical solutions for secure and convenient online business communication. The service IDGARD for Businesses is based on worldwide patented Sealed Cloud technology. Data is stored in a cloud in a manner that not even the service provider can access client data. Hence, business data remains exclusively in the possession of its owner. Sealed Cloud technology is improved continuously by a Uniscon led consortium within the framework of Trusted Cloud, an initiative funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and enjoying development for application in other fields of German industry. For further details, see www.uniscon.de, www.sealedcloud.de and www.idgard.de.


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