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Cloud Solution – Sealed Freeze

Privacy Compliant, Confidential Data Management

Sealed Freeze: Technically Specified, Incorruptible Data Management

Big data is often not collected or stored over longer periods to a desired extent due to privacy concerns. The reservations: staff surveillance,  special-purpose data retention, etc.


What is Sealed Freeze?

Sealed Freeze is an application with which to store large unstructured data volumes. All access, however, is excluded technically, provided it is pre-emptively technically defined via policy specification. In other words, a policy engine ensures the system’s incorruptibility.

The following example illustrates how Sealed Freeze enables special-purpose, technically incorruptible management of personal and personally identifiable data:

Use Case 1: Cybercrime Analysis despite Business Privacy

Cybercrime is often only detected months later, often leading to the following questions:

  1. Where did the attack occur?
  2. Where were the hackers?
  3. What damage was most likely done?
  4. Where is the system vulnerable?

Promising forensic analysis implies several months‘ worth of data intelligence on all user activity, i.e. a user’s metadata.

For understandable reasons, staff and works councils express data abuse reservations . At the same time, we all yearn for maximum security. This is, after all, the only way we can protect our businesses and jobs. Concurrently, today’s prevailing data parsimony poses an obstacle.

Result: Sealed Freeze ensures data privacy during access

  1. Data processing without correlation
  2. Technically hard-coded access policies (specifications!), that are NOT modifiable retroactively
  3. Full search in data lake

Use Case 2: Data Retention despite Web Privacy

Data Retention: Sealed Freeze seals Metadata

When it comes to data retention, Sealed Freeze scores with data protection. By hermetically „sealing & freezing“ the data before it is stored on servers in encrypted form, all access is excluded technically. Data may be „thawed“, upon court-order, pursuant to upfront policy specification only. Said policy is enforced technically and already stipulated by law prior to memory and encryption. Specifications cannot be modified retroactively. This ensures data privacy even in the event of data retention.

Sealed Freeze is a Sealed Cloud based technology. Sealed Cloud, in turn, is the basic technology that ensures maximum-security, Class III data protection. Sealed Freeze prevents data from being collected in large volumes and stored without a special purpose as per privacy law. Authorities can access Sealed Freeze connection data (metadata), if necessary, yet only according to privacy-compliant policy specification. All arbitrary data collection is excluded technically.

sealed freeze data access

All access to metadata excluded technically: Policy-specified, provider-proof system!

Common Application Scenarios:

  • Comprehensive evidence of end-to-end privacy compliance
  • Internal protection against and intelligence on industrial spying by disloyal staff
  • Privacy compliant data retention

Sealed Freeze Benefits:

Enables special-purpose, privacy compliant investigation only

Balances data privacy & investigative needs

Ensures privacy during court-ordered investigations

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