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Privacy Compliant Big Data Analysis

Big Data, Industrie 4.0, IoT Skyrocketing – Is Web Privacy an Obstacle?

Organizations conduct big data analyses, to maximize efficiency and processes. The greatest benefits are provided by linkage and integration of supplier and customer data, in particular. Therefore, big data analysis should cover the entire process value chain.

How Can Big Data be Practiced Business Internally & Externally?

  • Where does  analysis data converge?
  • How are business unit processes interconnected, without  compromising security?

Is Privacy Compliant Big Data Analysis Even Possible?

  • Privacy postulates special-purpose specification
  • Conventional solutions cannot fully exclude disclosure of personal & personally identifiable data

Sealed Analytics Provides New Opportunities

  • Analysis of big data on „neutral premises“, i.e. in technically sealed data centers
  • Data sealage: All correlation of data excluded, due to lack of disclosure
  • Privacy compliant, since data correlation no longer possible; special-purpose use no longer applicable

Privacy Compliant Big Data Analysis Feasible

Use Case:

Connected vehicles avert potential traffic dangers:

  • Obstacles behind curves, potholes, hydroplaning, etc.
  • Smart service: vehicle automatically informs manufacturer data center before obstacle is reached
  • Said data is pre-emptively stored upfront in the vehicle’s navigation system is a project by:

Further Big Data Application

  • Data analysis platform across entire business internal & external process value chains (e.g. for process optimization in supplying industry)
  • Anticipatory set-up of data lakes for storage of unstructured raw data, for later big data analysis


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