iDGARD Cloud Service

Cloud SaaS: Ultra-secure file transfer and Data Rooms

iDGARD is a cloud service that provides maximum security to online communication and teamwork with partners or clients, without compromising convenience. With iDGARD, you can create virtual data rooms for projects and replace FTP & file sharing services. Access your data per app or Internet browser any time, and enjoy maximum protection!


  • Online memory for mobile access via browser or app
  • Convenient & safe online file exchange
  • Auto-sync
  • Data rooms for business internal & external projects
  • Easy & secure email attachment transfer

Security & Privacy:

  • TÜV certified: Maximum, Class III protection for cloud services
  • R&D and hosting in Germany
  • Leading security technology: Patented Sealed Cloud
  • Compliance with secrecy obligations as per BDSG and  § 203 StGB (German Data Protection Act and Criminal Code)

Easy Start:

  • An Internet browser is all you need. No software installation necessary!
  • Guest Licenses included
  • No set-up fees, start instantly


  • Reduces email traffic by up to 50%
  • Is easy to use, no training necessary
  • Automates procedures

businesses trust iDGARD
users trust iDGARD

„In a globalized working world, there are endless scenarios in which iDGARD may be applied.“ „Being able to exchange and modify data business internally and externally has, after all, become increasingly important.“ „This cloud technology suits our globalized work environment perfectly, enabling multiple parties to work on common projects from a variety of locations.“

Source: TÜV Hessen – Kunden-Zeitschrift „Live“ (Edition: 3-2016, S. 16)

Michael Moll

Head of Innovation Management and Product Development at TÜV Hessen (technical auditing co.)

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