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Sealed Cloud

Patented Sealed Cloud security technology was invented by Uniscon. It ensures, via purely technical means, that

  • data is transferred and processed in encrypted form and that both
  • content AND metadata, i.e. connection data, remain protected during processing.

iDGARD – Simple & Secure Communication

iDGARD is a German cloud service that provides maximum security for your online communication and teamwork with business partners and clients while remaining easy. With iDGARD, you can create data rooms for projects and replace outdated FTP services.

Access your data per app or browser safely any time! iDGARD’s Sealed Cloud technology is already patented in the EU & US and ensures that you are the only one able to access your data. It also takes care of key management for you, so you can focus on your work.

Use Cases

Sealed Freeze

Incorruptible Data Management

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Privacy Compliant Protection of Vehicle Big Data

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Further Information

Sealed Platform Brochure

The ultra secure cloud platform for the enterprise

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Uniscon brochure - Sealed Cloud Technologies

Technology leader for secure cloud computing - Uniscon portfolio at a glance

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Secure data exchange & virtual data rooms

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