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At the beginning there was the big question: Why do many companies avoid public cloud services even though their great advantages are obvious? The three founders of uniscon quickly found the explanation for this: At the time, public cloud services were considered unsafe because the operators and administrators of these services could access customer data. So, they decided to change that.

In 2009, uniscon launched its business idea: Technical means were to be used to definitively exclude operator access. Thanks to the development of the Sealed Cloud Technology, the company finally achieved this technical operator security. It is the basis for innovative products such as sealed platform® and idgard®.

This technology solves the data protection problem—the greatest challenge in the field of online security to date—in a reliable and secure manner. This has made uniscon the leading provider of secure cloud solutions in Europe. Since 2017, the company has been part of TÜV SÜD AG’s digital strategy and this partnership has allowed it to continue to drive the development of the technology.

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Our mission:

The future is full of opportunities. Trust is the prerequisite for turning them into success stories. Because only those who believe in their goals and can persist in pursuing them will achieve them. uniscon supports companies with innovative, highly secure cloud solutions in the process of focusing on their goals and the way to get there.


The management team (from left to right): Jörg Horn (CPO), Dr. Andreas Würl (CTO), Julia Keßel (HR Director), Karl Altmann (CEO), Markus Kieslich (VP Marketing & Inside Sales), Ansgar Dirkmann (Head of Sales), Jens Schmalz (CFO)

Karl Altmann – CEO uniscon GmbH

The experienced IT security specialist Karl Altmann has been leading the business of uniscon GmbH since March 2018. He counts on two decades of professional experience in the IT security sector and is considered a practice-oriented manager with extensive sales experience. Among other things, Mr Altmann was Area Vice President of the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) at Imperva, a leading provider of data and application security solutions. Before that he was a co-founder of SINUUM GmbH, a value-added distributor for security solutions. He also served as President and CEO for the cybersecurity company Microdasys in the US and Europe

Dr. Andreas Würl – CTO uniscon GmbH

Dr. Andreas Würl joined the management team of uniscon GmbH in May 2021. Previously, he held management positions at TNG Technology Consulting and other international IT providers. The Scrum expert counts on extensive experience, particularly in the area of agile software development and the establishment of DevOps. At uniscon, his focus as CTO is on scaling the highly secure cloud service idgard® and its implementation in the sealed platform®.

Jörg Marcus Horn – CPO uniscon GmbH

Cybersecurity expert Jörg Marcus Horn joined uniscon in April 2019 and became Chief Product Officer a year later. He has been working in the IT sector for more than 20 years, including over 18 years at Utimaco, a provider of high security technologies.

His areas of expertise include business and sales development. With his extensive experience, he is responsible for the strategic development of the Secure Content Collaboration Platform idgard® and the PaaS solution sealed platform®.


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